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Our favorite platforms need their own Profile Pictures. So lets tell em what to do.
Featuring the Top Shot bottom, VIP rewards, Sorare's New Influencers, and Memes of the week
What’s up everybody, its LG Doucet here. Remember when Dapper told us they would give us all some FLOW? I certainly do. The announcement was one of our…
Featuring NFT Rankings, Top Shot Parallel confusion (my own), World Cup Woes for Canada, an Memes of the Week!
Featuring a long awaited feature, packs that no one wants, and some odd stuff in the association.
What’s up everybody. Yes, its LG Doucet here. Ok that title might be a lie - you could argue that the PRIOR WEEK was much worse, as thats when the FTX…
Featuring a Historic Stat Line, Sorare Shipping, Top Shot Tumbleweeds and more
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