Basketball & Blockchain

The world of hoops is going web3 and The First Mint is here for it. Latest drops, on-chain drama, and the future of sports, all in one crypto-native newsletter.

Featuring a Short & Slimy Challenge Corner, Wen North Korea, Player Leaderboards Launch, Locker Room Lotto Packs & More
Featuring A Pack Drop Recap, A Magic Sale, Ime Udoka Drama, NF-Teamwork, A Creative Bulls NFT Drop & More
Featuring A Flurry of Upcoming Challenges, A FLOW VIP Airdrop, NFT Day Mania & More
Featuring A Run It Back Announcement, A Leaderboard Snapshot, 80's Hair Flow, Not-So-Legendary Larry Bird & More
Featuring the WNBA Game Recognize Game Drop, a Trove of Top Shot Tweets, A Sarver Suspension & More
Featuring A Major Entrance into the NBA NFT Space, All Day Innovations, A Midseason Tournament & More
Featuring Another W Rare Drop, The ETH Merge in NBA Terms, A Bearded Unicorn & More
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