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The First Mint is a web3 sports community.

We make. We write. We talk. We listen.

Every day at The First Mint is a blend of adrenaline, angst, laughter, and intense speculation - just as it should be in NFTs.

We’re driven by five core principles: 

  • To make NFTs a community-driven experience. 

  • To empower newcomers to make strong decisions. 

  • To provide traditional coverage of non-traditional concepts. 

  • To give everything we do a crypto-centric element.

  • To make this a welcoming space for all.

NFTs have so much promise and we are on the absolute vanguard of what can be done here. This community is the ultimate social destination, a fun place to connect around a new paradigm for society.

We really believe that. And we hope you do as well.

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Our Programming

The First Mint is available in many formats.

Monday Mornings | Podcast

We kick off the week with LG Doucet’s podcast; the voice heard by thousands as they discovered NFTs in early 2021. This pod explores the bigger questions in NFTs, and challenges the conventional thinking.

2x Times Weekly | Basketball & Blockchain

Sticking to our roots, the B&B Newsletter comes out three times a week and recaps the best of what’s going in crypto and hoops. If like strong takes, basketball news, and drop info, this one is for you.

Weekly Twitter Spaces | Sports & Collectibles

Our Twitter account is where we deliver news about NFT sports, collectibles, and entertainment. We use it to listen to our community, and post what we think you all should be checking out in NFTs.

And more to come soon!

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