Featuring the best video game ever, EPL on Sorare, $1 floor disappearing, my trip to Portland, and an $8 Snoop Dogg mint.
It's mid-season in the NBA, and not a bad time to make some moves on the NFT front. So who are the best players to pick up on Sorare and Top Shot? Let's…

January 2023

Featuring NFT tickets, Parallel realities, Porsche disaster, Dookey Dash, and more memes than we've ever had.
An in-depth review of NBA ALL WORLD, the NBA's latest digital game app, developed by Niantic the maker of Pokemon Go.
Featuring Adam Silver, an email from the NBA, a true play to earn game, and only 7 games of football left.
Its very unlikely to start anytime soon. But lets get ready like it could!
Why is are feet pictures worth more than a LeBron Series 1? Also featuring the return of the NFT market, and an NFL ALL DAY Super Bowl run.
Featuring the doodle-sized rumor, locked sets, 2022 volume, and a Sorare record.

December 2022

Featuring chaos at WAGMI United, 5% market spend return and 600k users on Sorare.
Bust out the highlighter, we are writing our first ever REPORT CARD on all things Dapper Sports.
Featuring top shot airdrops, a new controversy, and a shoutout to bag holders.
Featuring Hot Packs, WishList, Employee Purchases, Pack Giveaway, and a new section called Making Moves.