The next great market is sealed video games and rare ticket stubs - and we got the expert in both on the show to tell us all about them.
What’s up everybody, it’s LG Doucet here. Nicola is very genuine, very calm, and also very honest His priorities for the product. He goes right into it…
One of the biggest names in the space comes on to talk emotions, relationships, and how he stays sane at home.
What’s up everybody, it’s LG Doucet here. I’ve been thinking a lot about this interview since we recorded last week. I’ve been following Steve since he…
How will we survive the year to come? LG gives his 10 rules, and Phil D hops on for the real time feedback.

December 2022

The best clips from the podcast, our top tweets of the year, and a look back at everything that was The First Mint in 2022.
This NFT vet holds 34x Derrick Rose legendary moments. And this is NOT his first crypto winter.
A man who retired from baseball, then broke into NFTs as an artist and created a blue chip collection.
A special edition podcast featuring my brother, The ReelPhilD

November 2022

Disney just put the entire Metaverse on notice.
Why aren't more people playing fantasy sports NFTs, and what do the experts have to say on the matter.
What’s up everybody, it’s LG Doucet here. By now you’ve heard the news: crypto is full of assholes! Last week was considered the darkest moment yet in…